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Fence materials

White pine fence board

Solid plank privacy fences are a great way to accentuate your property. Rough sawn white pine has great characteristics to give an all-natural look. This material is available in a 1x8 fresh to semi air dried fence plank. Over time you will get a ¼ shrinkage that will allow air flow yet still give you plenty of privacy. In a few months’ time this material will be ready to accept stain and transform your landscape. 

Stain recommendations: (TWP - Woodscapes – Storm Systems – Ready Seal) 
Material specs: (rough sawn - 1x8x16’) 

Solid brass lighting (AMP)

Ready to highlight your landscape or natural building materials with nighttime illumination? E.K. West Ventures is a proud AMP lighting supplier that will help you with product recommendations and lighting design. Solid cast brass for durability and longevity, advanced integrated LED, and moisture tight design are some of the reasons AMP lights set the industry standard. The Classic Deck Light is an attractive downlight to showcase your privacy fence. White oak hand-hewn timbers can be on display well into the evening with the Pinnal Pro MR16 spotlight. 

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