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Reclaimed oak designs

Old world white oak planks with new age designs. Reclaimed from decades old factories and barns, this wood has retained its natural character and patina. Each table is handcrafted producing a signature piece for any mountain modern home. The reclaimed oak harvest table is a classic that stands the test of time. Please reach out for a quote on your custom design.

Black iron hardware 

Custom forged black iron bases and hardware are cut out of American made flat bar steel. Crafted by hand using locally sourced steel, these brackets and bases are available in a range of sizes to fit your unique project requirements. Porch brackets, table bases, and floating shelf hardware are some of the common applications. Black Iron and reclaimed wood complement each other well, giving you an industrial interior design.

Live edge slabs

Live edge (or natural edge) slabs are statement pieces that transform any space. They add an organic, sophisticated, and natural look while preserving nature. Fallen due to storms or wind, these custom wood slabs are sustainably sourced from the central Ohio region. These make elegant yet natural tops for your dining room or a conversation piece for your in-home bar.

Each piece is air dried and then kiln dried to get a stable product. From there it can be flattened, sanded, and finished to create a completed live edge slab. Each process takes considerable time to be done correctly.

Below is an estimated lead time for a slab going through the full process:

  • Kiln drying 4 weeks

  • Flattening, sanding, epoxy cracks 2 weeks

  • Custom Rubio Monocoat finish 2 weeks

Slab thickness: 2” to 2.5” 
Slab width: 12” to 48” 
Slab length: 3’ to 12’ 
Species: (Oak – Ash – Maple – Elm – Walnut) 

Reclaimed hardwood shelves

Rustic yet refined, reclaimed wood shelves are the perfect accent piece for a variety of interior design styles. The rough sawn wood natural textures give your space an old-world feel. Laundry rooms, open concept kitchens, and bedrooms are ideal to incorporate floating shelves. Each piece is one of a kind with nail hole, checking, live edge, saw mark characteristics. Available in both 7/8” and 1-3/4 thickness.

Shelf widths: 5” to 11” 
Shelf lengths: 2’ to 10’ 
Species: Oak and similar hardwoods