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Oak Flooring

Reclaimed industrial oak flooring

The beauty of reclaimed oak with the benefits of an engineered design. This flooring is sure to transform any space with its worn patina and character. Reclaimed from industrial warehouses throughout the USA (Maryland, South Carolina, Texas).

Oak is one of the most durable and long-lasting woods available, making it an ideal material for creating floors that will stand the test of time. In addition to its natural strength and beauty, this industrial oak has a unique story that is associated with a global brand (Michelin Tire Co.) This material ensures you’re devoted to supporting environmental sustainability.

Benefits of engineered flooring:

  • Offers more flexibility on where it can be installed vs solid flooring

  • Installation is much easier with an engineered design

  • Better performance In humid locations

Live sawn white oak flooring (European style) 

Patterned after the famous "European French Oak" flooring, Live Sawn White Oak is sure to be the centerpiece of conversation and provide a long-lasting stable floor for your home or office space. White Oak Live Sawn floors are made by cutting straight through the timbers, resulting in plain saw and rift/quarter sawn patterns in each piece plank. This sawing method is eco-friendly as the majority of the log is used. By using the "French Cut" or "European Cut" sawing style, the Live Sawn process produces a floor that harder and is more stable than traditional sawing methods. 

Live sawn white oak flooring is available in a variety of widths and prefinished options (see below). This wide plank engineered hardwood flooring is very versatile. They can be put in any part of the home from the basement to bathroom. These floors can be installed in a variety of ways (stapled, nailed, glued, floated over subfloor). 

Thickness & Wear layer: (5/8 and 3/4) 4mm and 5mm 
Width: 5” – 6” – 7” – 8” (10” + plank custom) 
Lengths: 2’ to 10’ 
Prefinished options: UV matte lacquer (premium finish – Rubio Monocoat) 

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Reclaimed & new white oak stair treads

Reclaimed oak can give you a wide variety of looks and styles for staircase treads. Our 2.5” glued up reclaimed oak tread is a direct match for our industrial oak flooring. Whether you want something subtle or dramatic, oak can not only fulfill your design needs, but it can handle years of foot traffic with ease. E.K West Ventures creates stair treads in a variety of thicknesses and widths. Consider using reclaimed oak for your stair treads to capture its beauty and durability for your home. 

E.K. West Ventures is also pleased to offer new white oak stair treads. These are available in either a rough sawn finish or with a hand-hewn leading edge. We can create a wide variety of thicknesses (up to 6”) to give you a very heavy-duty look. These pair well with an open concept black iron stair platform. 

Reclaimed oak stair treads: 1” to 2.5” thick x 11” to 12” widths (4’ to 6’ lengths)
Milling Options: skip plane and sanded (glued up design)
New white oak stair treads: 2.5” to 6” thick x 12” to 14” widths (4’ to 8’ lengths) 
Options: Sawn or Hand-hewn leading edge (solid plank -sanded) 
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