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European & American White Oak Engineered Flooring

American vs. European white oak

Characterized as having tight grain patterns and excellent visual details, European white oak flooring provides a traditional or modern style that maximizes any space. European oak is known and sought for its wider widths and longer lengths. It is typically live sawn, meaning the log of the tree is cut right through from front to back. This produces a beautiful natural grain showing from the entire log. This style of cut produces a very stable hardwood flooring.

American white oak and European white oak are similar but have some differences. Obviously having a geographical difference, European white oak primarily comes France, England, & Germany. Its American counterpart is primarily native to the eastern part of the United States. European white oak offers a smoother more consistent look with cooler tones, including light browns and muted grays. Both American & European options are very durable but European white oak has a slightly higher density. Price can vary based on grades and width, but American white oak is generally lower due to local abundance in the U.S. European white oak is subject to high import costs as well.

E.K. West Ventures can supply a variety of widths and grades in both American and European white oak flooring. The engineered sublayer creates a more stable flooring that is also much easier to install vs. a solid hardwood floor. In addition, this engineered flooring can be finished with your preferred color. Regardless of your choice both promise durability, style, and a timeless appeal that will enhance any space. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to discuss further.

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