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Natural white oak hand-hewn 

Character aged white oak timbers, hewed by hand just like past generations. The axe and adze marks give the beams a natural rustic look that is typically desired when using these building components. These are naturally aged and structurally rated to meet engineering demands. White oak timbers are the ultimate building component, both structurally and aesthetically. These are a great option for pergolas, porches, pavilions or event venues. 

Stock Sizes: 6x8 - 8x8 - 8x10 - 10x10 - 10x12 - 12x12 - 12x14
Lengths: 8' to 20' (bigger sizes up to 30') 

Natural white oak rough sawn

Rough sawn timbers offer a rustic yet refined look that is very desirable. A much smoother texture than hand-hewn, these pieces are a great option for porch beams to structural house timbers. These oak timbers weather gracefully and will provide years of enjoyment. These can be easily stained to your desired look. The strength and beauty of natural oak material is unmatched.  In addition, these are an excellent choice for landscape retaining walls, benches, and gable trusses. 

Standard sizes – 4x4 to 14x14
Lengths: 8' to 20' (20’ + is a premium length) 

Reclaimed hardwood hand-hewn (mantles) 

A true reflection of wood artisans from the mid 1800’s, the beauty and character of these timbers is unmatched. Crafted from oak, hickory, elm, ash, and beech, these are the pinnacle of reclaimed building materials. Common applications are interior ceiling beams, mantles, porch columns, trusses, and more. The perfect complement to your fireplace is a 150-year-old hand-hewn mantle.  In addition, we offer flat sawing, spray treatment, and power washing services as a value add. 

Standard Sizes: 6x6 – 8x8 – 10x10 – 10x12 
Lengths: (6’ to 14’ standard) (16’ to 30’ premium) 
Mantle Sizes: 4x8 to 10x10 (5’ to 10’ lengths) 

Reclaimed fireplace mantels

Fireplace mantels bring warmth and natural textures to your main living space. There are several styles to choose from: hand-hewn, rough sawn, & live edge. Hand-hewn mantels were created using an axe and adze by wood artisans from the mid to late 1800’s. Rough sawn mantels have a more clean, finished appearance with their original circular saw marks. These were cut on sawmills more than a century ago. Live edge mantels are hewn on two faces and have a natural live edge on two faces. Also known as sleeper logs, these were typically support timbers for the main floor of a barn. 

Salvaged from barns throughout the Mideast, each piece has its own unique characteristics which can consist of saw & adze marks, nail holes, checking, peg holes, and pockets.  All our mantles are surface washed, brushed, and trimmed to length before shipping. A custom natural finish can be applied as a premium value add option. 

Styles: (hand-hewn – rough sawn – live edge – faux / box) 
Sizes: 4x6 to 8x12 (4’ to 10’ lengths)